Unusual Projects

Have an idea that has never been done before? 


You are in the right place! 

Unusual Technologies has a team of software engineers and artists who grow and develop business solutions ahead of new technologies. We work closely with our clients to understand what they need and to create solutions they will love. 


Do you have an innovative idea to develop?  

Unusual Technologies believes everything is possible with the use of technology. If you have a project idea, we can help you to make it happen.

Our team has extensive experience in a variety of industries such as:

- Mobile Apps
- VR/AR Construction Solutions
- HR Company trainings using VR
- VR Medicine
- VR/AR Marketing
- Playtables for Amusement Parks and Museums
- VR and AR Museums Exhibitions
- Dance Mats and Motion Cameras Solutions
- Staff activities using tech solutions to enhance corporate skills


LEGO Playtables - Legoland

We created interactive AV augmentation using 3D mapping with interactive animations and audio FX.

Kinect Particles

Motion camera used for live performance in museums and art galleries.