The Tarot Experience VR is an immersive story-telling experience for the Oculus Quest 2 and 3.

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Case Study

The Task

Our client had designed and prototyped a VR project in Unity. The project showed great promise, but the client lacked the in-house capabilities to complete it to the level of polish that was desired. To solve this, we were brought in to debug, optimise, add functionality and ultimately publish the project on Steam and the Meta store.

The Final Scene

The Results

Early feedback has been positive with The Tarot Experience reaching the finals in the VR awards.


The Optimisation

The crux of our challenge stemmed from the constraints presented by the target hardware – successfully running a graphically intensive application on the Oculus Quest 2. This demanding procedure entailed code optimisation, decimation and streamlining of 3D models, leveraging strategies such as fixed-foveated rendering, among other sophisticated techniques.

Wireframe of the Environment


Our objective involved not only the incorporation of fresh features but also the enhancement of existing mechanics. This encompassed a broad spectrum of aspects, ranging from infusing visually appealing elements such as particles and shaders to integrating pragmatic mechanics such as feedback forms and analytics. These comprehensive efforts were all directed towards prepping the application for its impending launch. Upon completion, we launched the app across two major platforms – Steam and the Meta Quest store.

A question from the feedback form

Marketing Campaign

@adamjmalone The modern world has advanced us in many ways, but are we actually happier? I think we need to be using technology like Virtual Reality to create meaningful experiences. That's why I brought Tarot cards into VR, so you can immerse yourself in a personal story and find meaning from a virtual world experience. Check it out on the link on my page! #virtualreality #vr #meaningcrisis #nihilism #capitalism #spirituality #technology #dystopian #tarot ♬ original sound - Adam-J-Malone