Lovemore is a single-player RPG that focuses on building relationships. An indie game made by the creator of Simgirls which was rated the best and most played dating sim game of all time.

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Game porting

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Case Study


Lovemore was successfully developed and launched with minimal bugs and many hours of gameplay. Years after the initial developers had moved on, it was announced that Flash, the underlying technology the game was built on, would be depreciated due to security concerns. Thus, the aim was to port the game to a new platform so it could be exported as an executable and brought to other platforms, such as Steam and Itch.io.

The world map

A solution in Adobe Air

We worked with the client to decide on the most suitable new tech based on budget and requirements. The decision was made to port the game to Adobe Air which, while being part of the Adobe ecosystem, offers a more secure and robust platform for games and applications. Adobe Air utilises ActionScript, Flash’s scripting language, and leverages the Flash rendering engine, which means Flash games can be easily ported to Air with minor modifications. This transition provided a much more efficient and safe environment for the users to enjoy the game without compromising on gameplay quality.

Infrastructure issues

As well as the depreciation of Adobe Flash, the servers that were used to take care of online payments and user analytics was also made redundant. This meant making changes to the game’s overall monetisation strategy and setting up new analytics.

General clean up and bug fixes

While we were diving into the code, we took the opportunity to fix a few other bugs that the client had been living with since its initial launch.