Digital Artist - 3D and 2D Generalist

Unusual Technologies is looking for a digital artist familiar with 2D and 3D at any stage in their career, to join our five person strong development team

The Company

Gamified educational apps, VR and AR, amusement parks, and museums, Unusual Technologies does it all. We work with any business that has a need for software development that is either creative or pushing new technologies. Often both!

Unusual Technologies prides itself on innovative technology that brings brand new thinking and experiences to our clients and their customers. At Unusual Technologies, we encourage and support each other in learning new skills and experimenting with new ideas, from exploration into the latest techs to find new ways of adding values to our various clients. The likes of whom include Legoland and Sky Group

Typical Tasks

  • Talking with potential clients to understand their needs

  • Sketching visuals of the idea to verify understanding and win confidence

  • Iterating on concepts based on verbal and written feedback

  • Drawing schematics and diagrams to communicate processes

  • Creating icons and marketing content

  • Designing a UI for ‘serious’ software

  • Designing a UI for a video game

  • Modelling 3D asset

  • Importing assets to Unity and testing for quality

  • Researching new software or skills

  • Helping vet and manage outsourced artists

The Requirements

This role does not require a high level in any one area but it requires some skills in both 2D and 3D with the applicant being comfortable with software and technical details. It is perfect for a generalist

The candidates portfolio MUST include samples of the following at a junior level or higher:

    • Optimised 3D models (showing poly count)

    • UI

    • 2D drawings

    • A variety of art styles (2D or 3D)

The candidates portfolio will benefit from some of the following (in no particular order):

    • Work in a games engine

    • Shaders

    • Texturing

    • 3D animation 

    • 2D animation

    • Schematic drawings

    • Environment art

    • Character art

Role Details

This is initially a freelancing role where the hours and cost will be negotiated based on each project. The expectation is that successful projects together will lead to a permanent position.

The role will be predominantly remote, though we would like you to work with our Brighton-based team at least once a week, so you must live within commuting distance.

We are interested in seeing your portfolio and any relevant work experience. 

Please email us at